Monday, December 13, 2010

Tonight's Show: Feminism and Pornography

Tonight we explore the two opposing feminist opinions on porn: those who support/accept porn, and those who believe it is inherently harmful to women. We also talk with sex educator, Patty Thille, about her opinions and thoughts on pornography.

Links to articles we reference/discuss on the show are listed below.

Anti-Porn Feminism

What's Wrong With Pornography? - Anti-Porn Feminists (blog)

The Prisoner of Sex - article on anti-porn feminist, Andrea Dworkin

Pro Sex/Porn Feminism

Feminist Porn Awards -

Feminist Porn: Sex, Consent and Getting Off - Feministe (blog)

XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography - book by Wendy McElroy

Other Interesting Articles on Porn

Feminist views on pornography - Wikipedia

Men and Porn: What does porn do to men? - The Guardian

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