About the hosts

Jennie Thunder

My name is Jennie and I have been an active member of Calgary’s feminist community since 2004 and involved with Yeah What She Said since 2006. My definition of a feminist is simply, “someone who believes in social, political and economic equality between men and women.”

I love hosting the show because I've had the opportunity to interview so many inspirational women, and researching new topics for the show keeps me constantly learning. The aspects of feminism that I’m most interested in are body image, advertising and media, and self esteem. I have a blog that focuses on these topics, which you can check out: ad-busting.tumblr.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @JennieThunder.

There are a number of feminists who inspire me, but some of my favourites are Naomi Wolf, for her excellent book, The Beauty Myth, which I think should be required reading for all feminists, and Dr. Betty Dodson, a feminist sex educator. I also like Gloria Steinem because her definition of feminism has changed as her views have been challenged over five decades of activism.

Some of my favourite feminist blogs are Jezebel, Sociological Images, Copyranter (which focuses on media/advertising) and Gender Focus (a Canadian feminist blog).


Sarah here! By day I'm a graduate student at the University of Calgary researching gender studies and popular culture, by night I'm a vocal feminist trying to spread the message of equality.

I'm a firm believer that a focus on just women is important but not to the exclusion of men. As such I'm interested in men's studies about masculinity as much as I am about women's studies about femininity. Note: femininity is not anti-feminist. Overall though I enjoy researching how women and other minorities (whether it's a race, an orientation, or a non-mainstream way of living and loving) are portrayed in film, video games and comics, and in the world on a broad scale.

As a 'fake' geek girl myself, I try to dispel myths of our non-existence on tumblr at stegosarahs.tumblr.com and on twitter as @StegoSarahs. Follow me online and you'll find anything to do with Feminism, minority representation, technology and cats. Lots and lots of cats.


Hi folks, my name is Sarelle and I’m a brand-spankin’-new member of the Yeah, What She Said team. I’m a recent graduate from the U of C and currently working in community relations for a local women’s shelter.

Thanks to my sister, who always shared her copies of Bitch Magazine, I started calling myself a feminist probably before I really know what the word truly meant. Most of what I know about the subject comes from blogs and magazines like the ones listed by Jennie. I love finding great and/or terrible articles about women’s issues, and then seeing the criticism unfold online. Taking a role in the criticism is what I really hope to do as part of this radio show!

Other interests lie in the role of feminism in bettering the lives of minority groups - be it defined by race, religion or sexual orientation. Feminists have a long history of teaming up with other movements to fight for an equality that's inclusionary and affirmative.

I tweet irregularly as @srazuelos, but send me links to any awesome internet ongoings.