Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ladies: Check Yo Thang!!!

Check out the video below from and then CHECK YO JUNK! This vid is full of some totally alarming stats about sexual health for both women and men. It also talks about a number of alarming realities regarding STI's for women in particular.

You may or may not know a few things about what's being discussed here; if you do already, it's extremely important to remember. If you don't, it's equally important for you to get familiar with! It always amazes me to hear what people do and --frighteningly-- do NOT know about their sexual health. Do you know what HPV stands for???

Some great ways to obtain information on sexual and reproductive health here in Calgary can be found via the Calgary Sexual Health Centre or Alberta Health Services' Sexual & Reproductive Health Program to name but a few.

Stay educated and remember to keep it all in check!

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