Monday, January 12, 2009

Tonight: Chivalry, Schmivalry...?

I recently found myself filling out an on-line questionnaire out of boredom the other night. One of the questions was regarding the importance of chivalry as we refer to it in today's culture: acts of courtesy shown by men towards women. The question asked whether or not chivalry is dead or if it's still kicking but kinda useless in relation to modern courtship. I had to really stop myself and use my entire grey matter to even begin to come to my conclusion; it was as though I had never considered this before. And it feels as though I haven’t yet... at least not as thoroughly as I would hope.

Is chivalry dead? Is it ancient, outdated and unnecessary? Should a modern, socially aware woman be offended by acts of chivalry shown towards her by a man? I have been questioning this and can’t seem to find any satisfaction in mulling it over alone. So on tonight's show, Jennie and I are going to look at where Chivalry comes from historically, how it works for us ladies and of course, how it works for men.

For some good reads relating to our topic tonight, we've decided to post some interesting articles and blog entries from some of our favorite sites. Check out Jezebel's totally adorable 5 Rules of The New Chivalry as well as The Crap Anti-Feminist Manifesto From A Dude in which some kid claims Feminism has killed Chivalry among other things.

A couple of other fun reads to check out include Smug Intentions: Richard and Judy on Chivalry and Dear Ladies, Chivalry Makes Life More Worth Living!

Of course you can always find other interesting feminist reads at Jezebel or The F Word.

Tune in tonight at 8:30 PM MST on CJSW 90.9 FM or stream it live from the CJSW website.

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