Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Men Prefer Real Boobs over Fakies

A few days ago the question popped into my head "do men prefer real boobs or fake boobs?" So I decided to google it.

It turns out that a survey completed in '08 questioned 2,000 men about their breast preferences, and found that 89% of men prefer real breasts over fake ones. As an interesting side note, 87% also said that bigger is not always better.

I think this is wonderful news - but it raises an important question: Why do women feel the need to get boob jobs? I understand why women get reconstructive breast surgery if they have a deformity or are "replacing" what breast cancer took from them. But I don't understand people like Posh Spice, who had perfectly fine breasts to begin with, but just want them a little bigger, rounder or perkier.

Maybe one of the up-sides of this financial crisis will be that people will stop spending money on ridiculous things like boob jobs. Keep 'em natural and wear 'em proud - whatever size or shape they come in. Men love them in all their many varieties - and we should too!

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  1. Now that I think about it... I think lots of women get boob jobs to look better than other women. It's not so much about impressing the men rather than being better than other women. Sad, sad, sad.