Thursday, March 12, 2009

Call Yourself A Feminist : BBC Radio 4

How rad is this...
BBC Radio 4 is producing a three-part series titled "Call Yourself A Feminist" where women discuss and trace the development of feminist ideas from the 1960s onwards. The best part is these radio programs are available online!
Click here to listen!

The first episode is 30 minutes long as is available online until Tuesday March 17th. Here is the description of the show:
A panel of guests explore the issues which motivated women to join together under the banner of feminism. While activists pursued campaigns involving street protests and fighting through the courts, other women were alienated by their arguments. Both feminists and non-feminists join Bettany [the host] to recall key events.
Part two will be available at the above link on March 17th, and I'm guessing part three will be ready on the 24th. Happy listening!

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