Thursday, March 19, 2009

Since When is THIS a "Fuller Figure"?

Britney Spears recently had a "comeback show" in New Orleans, and the Daily Mail reported that she has a "rather fuller figure these days." They also used the phrase "Bulky Spears" in the headline - how charming.

I'd like you to take a look at this photo and tell me this: How, in any way shape or form, can this be considered a "fuller figure"? And how can they refer to her as "bulky?" Her body looks healthy and great to me.

No wonder the girl shaved her head and went crazy.

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  1. I think something similar happened with Jessica Simpson not so long ago; she was also pinpointed by the media and several entertainment news websites and TV shows featured her weight-gain as the top story for weeks. Why are we so concerned with celebrity women and their waist-sizes? This is such old news and it really angers me to think that our society is still so obsessed after years of negativity in the arena of body image.