Monday, April 6, 2009

Campus Pro-Life to Support a Student Single Mom

Unless you've been living in a cave (or you live outside of Calgary) you've probably heard about the dispute between the University of Calgary and the student club Campus Pro-Life (CPL). If you haven't heard, check out this article for an overview.

Well, as I was walking through the University today I was stopped by a member of Campus Pro-Life and asked if I would like to donate to a bursary to support single mothers. Because I am always suspicious of CPL I asked the guy to explain this to me further. He said that the club is trying to raise at least $250 to give to a student single mother. He also mentioned that although people differ in their opinions about abortion, one thing we can all agree on is that single mom's could use some help.

So, I decided to donate to the cause, and I hope Campus Pro-Life are successful in their plan for this bursary. Although many things that CPL does really upsets me - their Genocide Awareness display is offensive and the club distributes inaccurate information about abortion - I am pleased to see CPL doing something constructive with their time and effort.

As the guy from CPL said, we're never going to agree on the issue of abortion - I won't change my mind and they won't change theirs - but maybe, just maybe, we can start focusing on the things we do agree on. And support for single mom's is definitely a cause I can get on board with.

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