Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going to Toronto? Check Out This Feminist Shop!

Good For Her is a feminist sex shop located in Toronto. I just discovered their website, and the shop looks like a really neat place. Definitely worth a visit if you'll be in the Toronto area.

Some cool things about Good For Her:
  • They have women and trans only shopping hours on Thursdays and Sundays. What an awesome idea - it allows for a more comfortable shopping environment for those who may be a little nervous or shy.
  • They have an advice column with information on toys, body issues, health, orgasms and more.
  • They carry environmentally responsible products and ensure that all products are safe for you.
  • They have a very informative sex toy guide.
  • They host the Feminist Porn Awards every year: "As feminists and sex-positive people, we want to showcase and honour those who are doing it right, like filmmakers who understand that people of colour are sexual beings - not sexual objects. Like performers who want to see body diversity, so they shake their ample butts in front of the camera. Like everyone who ever said "why aren't my fantasies and realities ever reflected in porn?" so they picked up a camcorder and recorded their friends getting it on."

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