Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Of Us Give 'Em Names, Others Call Them Trash Bins...


I read a clip from Current.com which encouraged women to give names to their vaginas and then share these names. Of course, being an open thread, there were several responses from women and men, alike.

One of them was from what appears to be a fellow calling himself "poosta7". The article asks,

"What would you name yours?" He responds saying,

"...The Seminal Receptical -- the origin of that which will destroy the human race by overpopulation."

I had to stop myself for a minute and think about the possibility that this individual could be a female posing as a male and whether or not my reaction would differ if this was the case? I also tried dissecting the comment, word for word, to make sure I understood it: By referring to this receptacle as the origin and not the actual force that will destroy the human race, is he trying to say that it's babies that will wipe us out? The point of conception, itself? No, couldn't be! What a stupid thing that would be to say! And who could be that stupid??

I decided that since the point wasn't clear, the verdict was as I had initially felt in my gut; that this was someone who really felt he needed to fill the space with trashy, demeaning and incoherent nonsense. The statement seemed to lean toward the idea that since the vaginal canal is where semen tends to end up, and the female body where offspring are subsequently mass-produced, it is the vagina which is at fault for the destruction of mankind. I typed out a witty and ruthless verbal lashing in response to the comment but eventually stopped myself, opting for a more diplomatic - but still disapproving - approach.

If he is a dude, it's pretty lame that he's placing this responsibility solely on the female body (lest we forget that the vaginal canal is designed to be a hostile, sperm-annihilating war zone). I mean, can we all grow the hell up and acknowledge that it, uhh... takes two? With that said, hopefully the two are consenting, loving and responsible folks who are actually looking to procreate.

If this individual is indeed female, I still think it's an unjust and immature way to look at population control. It's frightening to think of any woman referring to her own body this way, and it saddens me to see such an old fight keep comin' back for the beat-down.

-Insert deep, pissed off feminist sigh.

You can view the thread here and tell us what names you've given to your lovelies.

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  1. I haven't given mine a name, but after seeing the Vagina Monologues I decided that my vagina wears a spandex sequence jumpsuit and sings ABBA songs.