Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie Finally Commits and Picks his Wife

Well, after 67 years of being entangled in a cartoon love triangle, Archie has finally decided to tie the knot. The woman he chose? The vixen Veronica Lodge.

I've always been a fan of Betty, so I was a little disappointed to hear that Archie chose Veronica. I'm not alone in my disappointment - 78% of people surveyed by the Globe & Mail wanted Betty to be the bride, and only 22% chose Veronica. I always thought Archie and Betty were destined to be together, and Veronica and Reggie would make a good couple.

So, what is the significance of Archie's choice? Betty is definitetly the "girl next door" - a sweet, innocent girl that a man could walk all over and she would remain loyal to him. She's the kind of woman a man in the 1950's would love to take home to meet the parents.

Veronica is the opposite. She's spoiled, she always gets what she wants, and she doesn't seem to give much in return. Maybe there's something about unattainable, hard-to-reach women that turns Archie's crank. With Betty it was all too easy... was she too available?

As polar opposites, Betty and Veronica have always represented the good girl / bad girl dichotomy. Why did Archie go with the bad girl? Maybe he was just trying to be smart in these tough economic times. In today's Globe and Mail, feminist professor Maureen Bradley from the University of Victoria said "the spoiled rich girl is still more appealing, and maybe that's a wise thing to pick in these uncertain times."

What are your thoughts and/or theories on Archie's choice?

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