Thursday, June 25, 2009

Teach Your Baby Girl How to Spend Money and Wear Lipstick! Essential Life Skills, People!

Fisher Price has developed probably the stupidest toy for baby girls that I've ever seen. It's called "My Pretty Learning Purse" and it comes with play jewelery and lipstick... because you know, jewelery and lipstick are essential to learning. The purse also comes with a dollar bill and a set of keys.

Sounds to me like Fisher Price is not-so-subtly trying to teach little girls what it means to be a woman. Clearly, it's all about spending money and lookin' good.

Naturally, there is a similar toy for boys (oh, how I hate gender-specific toys) except it's a TOOL BOX instead of a purse! Of course! The toolbox includes "manly" items like a screwdriver, hammer and saw.

Way to go Fisher Price for continuing to reinforce these rigid and outdated gender roles.


  1. *Extremely* outdated gender profiling. This is a sad example of industry-enforced stereotyping and I hope smart mums and dads around the world boycott this silliness.

  2. I really hope that when I have kids they come out with something more like "my little hungry purse"––an educational toy that teaches girls about their 'down there's' voracious tendencies.