Friday, June 12, 2009

Woman "Too Young" to have Tubes Tied

A 21-year-old woman in Brampton, Ontario has been told by her obstetrician that she is "too young" to have her tubes tied.

Tarrah Seymour and her husband already have one child and are expecting their second. Together they decided that Tarrah would have her tubes tied after her second child is born. They both feel that limiting themselves to two children will allow them to give the best advantages to those kids - days out at the zoo, college educations, and all that good stuff.

The couple never imagined that their obstetrician would treat them like children who can't make their own decisions. According to the Toronto Sun, the doctor said that a tubal ligation was not open for discussion because Tarrah may become involved with someone else later in life and regret her decision. Because tubal ligation is a permanent sterilization method, the doctor says he won’t consider performing it on any woman under 25.

The couple are understandably upset. “We know what we want in life” said Tarrah. “We want two kids and then we want to start our careers. We had logical reasons behind it. He should have listened and respected that.”

Women need to be able to make their own decisions about family planning. Whether that involves abortion, tube tying, birth control or anything else… we need to trust that women will do what is best for them. If you can’t trust a woman to make her own decisions, how can you trust her with a child?

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