Saturday, July 4, 2009

Artist, Jasmine Valentina's Domestic Mobility

A couple of weeks ago, Geea and I sat down with local artist Jasmine Valentina at the CJSW studio to talk about her latest project entitled, Domestic Mobility. It was an interactive performance art piece that made its way through the streets of downtown Calgary. Jasmine's attempt was to re-contextualize femininity as a symbol of strength and protest the male dominant, destructive culture of the city by toting a small car-sized house through the city's streets, stopping to interview passersby and document their responses to the performance. All of this occurred while Jasmine donned perfectly hyper feminine '1950's housewife' garb.

As promised, we have posted photographs of the affair (thanks to Jasmine for providing these!). Video interviews with the public and other documentation of this performance are scheduled to show at Stride Gallery (on the +15) beginning August 6, 2009.

Domestic Mobility - Downtown Calgary, June 2009

Photos courtesy of Vanessa Riego and Pamela Norrish

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