Monday, July 20, 2009

Tonight's Show: Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Tonight we had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Wershler, the executive director of Sexual Health Access Alberta. Laura talked about the barriers women face when attempting to access information about non-hormonal options for birth control.

If you are interested in learning a natural, holistic method of fertility management, I would suggest the Justisse Method. I use this method myself, and have found it to be effective and empowering. In the seven months that I've been off hormonal contraceptives and using this natural method, I have learned so much about my body, gained confidence in my ability to understand my own body, and best of all, I understand my cycle.
(The Catholic version of this method, which Laura briefly mentioned, is the Billings ovulation method.)

Sexual Health Access Alberta wants to hear about your experiences trying to find support in using non-hormonal birth control methods. Send an email to and use this subject line: "Birth control experiences." Laura is also interested in establishing a focus group to discuss this subject. If you're interested, send an email to the same address.

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