Friday, August 14, 2009

Femme Fatale Carnivale: Fun Times, Great Cause

Here in good ol' conservative Calgary we don't get the chance to attend many burlesque-style feminist events. But once a year we have the super-fun, highly-erotic Femme Fatale Carnivale, which is a fundraiser to help young girls at risk of sexual exploitation, homelessnes, addiction, and/or abuse. It's an evening of carnival-themed entertainment with a sexy twist - you'll see hula dancers, native hoop dancers, the Cupcake Pinup Girls, Swingdance Calgary, stripteasers, and so much more!

For more event details, click here.

Femme Fatale Carnivale
Date: Friday August 14
Time: Doors at 8:30pm, show begins at 9:15pm
Location: Flames Central, 219 8th Ave SW
Tickets: $20 at Blame Betty (located on 17th ave and 8th st SW), or $20 at the door, but make sure you get there early if you plan on buying tickets at the door! This event sells out every year.

Support a great cause and have some fun! See you there.


  1. I am super disturbed to see burlesque, stripteasing and such being promoted on a so called feminist blog. And to supposedly help at risk youth of sexual exploitation. hmmm hypocrisy anyone? i do not say this to be an asshole but because I'm so discouraged to constantly run into this inconsistency in 'feminist' circles. Its an outrage to be supporting such exploitation. And the furtherest thing from feminism! Burlesque is glamourizing stripping which is exploitive, porn is exploitive. We will get no where if we keep calling it by another name and trying to so call reclaim our sexuality. Exploiting ourselves or being exploited by other women does not make it feminist.

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