Friday, September 25, 2009

Baking is a Feminist Thang!

When I bake, I feel like I’m connected to my grandmother and her mother and her mother… going back through all those generations of women.
When I bake, I feel empowered because I’ve made something from scratch.
When I bake, I’m proud that I’ve made something delicious and I know exactly what’s in it.
When I bake, I’m reminded of my mother who cooked home made meals every night, even though she worked full time.
When I bake, I feel creative.

Today many women are taking “traditional” women’s tasks such as crocheting, baking, knitting and sewing and reinventing them. No longer are they things we do because we’re women and we’re expected to do them. We do them because of all the reasons I listed above: they are creative, empowering, and it’s awesome to make something yourself!

Here are some pictures of some muffins I recently baked, and links to the recipes. Try it yourself and see how baking makes you feel!

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