Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas for Feminists

Wondering what to get the feminist on your list for Christmas? Here are a few of my humble suggestions.

1. Female symbol necklace
I actually own this fabulous little necklace! I got it on Ebay for only $4.99 (US) plus shipping. Not too shabby at all! As a bonus, it's kinda "bling, bling!"

2. T-shirt: What Would Joan Jett Do?
Get it at the BUST Boobtique for $22.95 (US)

3. Tickets to an Urban Curvz play
Urban Curvz is an award-winning feminist theatre company whose work reflects the wit and intelligence of the women in Calgary. Take your feminist lady friend to any of their plays and I guarantee she'll love it!

4. Fair trade items
The best place in Calgary to find wonderful and unique Fair Trade items is Ten Thousand Villages. In particular, I really enjoy the Fair Trade jewelery. These hand-woven cuffs are made by women in Peru and cost $18.

5. All-natural soaps, skin care 'n stuff
Two all-natural companies that make fabulous soaps, creams, bath bombs and more are Lush and the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Freshen up her stocking with some of these delights! This Avocado Facial Bar is $4.99.

6. Uterus earrings
These are so darn cute! I found them on Etsy for $6.50 (US).

7. Feminist book
Just go to the Women's Studies or Cultural Studies section of your favourite book store, and you're sure to find books that will delight feminists. The book that I've put on my Christmas list this year is: When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present by Gail Collins. $21.94 at

8. Classic Feminist Flick
No DVD collection is complete without one or two classic feminist flicks. Here are a few that come to mind:
Thelma and Louise - $13.32 at
Carrie - $13.99 at

9. Something hand made
If anyone appreciates home-made gifts, it's feminists. We love that stuff! So, knit us a toque or a pair of socks, bake us a pie or cookies, or make a cute pencil holder out of an old soup can.

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