Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye, Marsha.

It is with a very heavy heart that I post this message today. One of Calgary's most beloved, inspiring and dedicated feminists has passed away. Marsha Ellen Meidow died on January 6th at 11:00pm of a serious brain aneurysm.

Marsha worked tirelessly to help young women in Calgary who were living on the streets, involved in prostitution, addicted to drugs, survivors of abuse, and so much more. These are the girls that no one else seemed to care about. Marsha also directed and produced the Vagina Monologues for many years in Calgary - and organized countless other events - all to raise money for young women at risk. In 2007 she received Calgary's Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Marsha was a survivor of abuse and overcame many obstacles in her life including drug addiction and life on the streets. She turned her own life around and was dedicted to helping other women do the same. She was an inspiration to all who knew her, and many described her as an angel on earth.

Calgary has indeed lost an angel. Our feminist community will never be the same without her. Our thoughts and hearts go out to Marsha's family and her husband, Tank.

We will never forget you.


  1. That is incredibly sad. I wish that I'd had the opportunity to really get to know her, she sounds like she was an extraordinary person.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know her but I was moved to find out what happened to her given a Facebook notice. It seems as though she'd overcome so much in her life already... I will keep her in my thoughts. -cp

  3. What a beautiful soul. She fearlessly encouraged everyone around her to do something good with themselves and to be humble. So much of what the community has is built on her hard work. I am devastated by her passing and honored to have known her, even from a distance.

  4. Marsha was an amazing ball of light at all times. She seemed to just never stop. What she did in social work will affect generations to come, and her ide projects for the girls will never be forgotten. What an amazing soul, and truly an angel in my mind. We will miss you, Marsha.

  5. iam one of those girl's marsha was kool she was so fun but