Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sleazy Advertisement Pulled in Calgary

Have you seen these ads on Calgary's C-Train for Midtown condos? I have never seen this exact one until now, but I'd seen others and always been kinda confused by them. This one here was apparently pulled because people complained about it (Yay! That kinda thing always gives me hope!).

But apparently there was yet another sexist ad in this same series. It read: "A $20,000 down payment is easier than scoring on a four-minute 5 on 3. And way, way easier than scoring with your waitress."

According to the blog Change Marketing, the ads were produced by Calgary's Watermark Advertising, who recently apologized following all the negative attention and critizism their advertisement received. A statement from the company read:

"As creators of the Midtown condo campaign, Watermark Advertising apologizes unreservedly for any offence these washroom ads may have caused. Obviously our idea of fun isn't funny to the audience we are attempting to engage — which immediately makes the communication wrong, so of course just as immediately, they will be removed."
But the condo developer was less apologetic (and more stupid):

"It wasn't our intention to offend anybody. We took it as tongue-in-cheek. We were trying to address a target audience. But obviously we've offended 25-year-olds."

No, you idiots, you didn't offend 25 year olds. You offended women.

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