Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Had the REAL Weapons of Mass Destruction?

In the Iraqi city of Fallujah there has been a recent increase in the levels of birth defects. Some are blaming weapons used by the United States after the Iraq invasion. The city was heavily bombed in 2004, and ruble from bombed buildings was dumped into the river. Citizens use that river for drinking water, which some suspect may be the cause of the birth defects.

A doctor reports that she is seeing 2 or 3 cases a day of serious birth defects in children. Some are born with too many fingers and toes, some are brain damaged or paralyzed, many have cardiac defects, one was born with three heads, and other problems are so graphic and horrible that media outlets, such as the BBC, couldn't bear to show the images.

The birth defects are so common and horrific that officials are now advising women not to have children.

An independent investigation is required to determine if the cause of the birth defects is in fact from the American bombs. Although it has yet to be proven, many in the city of Fallujah blame the Americans. And if that's true, it begs the question: Who had the REAL weapons of mass destruction?

The BBC has a short video documentary about this, which I highly recommend. A warning though, the images are very graphic and the story is extremely sad.

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