Thursday, May 13, 2010

Calgary woman battles gender-discrimination case for 19 years

The CBC reports on a case of gender-discrimination that has been going through Alberta's court system since 1991.

Delorie Walsh filed a complaint against her employer, Mobil Oil Canada, in 1991 because she was paid less than her male co-workers and her bosses blocked her from promotions and treated her unfairly.

In the 1980's Walsh worked as a junior map clerk at a company that would later merge with Mobil Oil. Her goal was to become a land agenet (or "landman"), but she was apparently told by her boss that "No damn woman will be a landman in the surface department."

Walsh's 19-year battle with this case is now nearing resolution as a week-long tribunal began on Tuesday. I wish her sucess and applaud her for sticking to her guns for 19 years!

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