Saturday, May 15, 2010

You want me to stick that where?

This vintage ad from 1902 reads:
Every woman is interested and should know about the wonderful MARVEL Whirling Spray! The new vaginal syringe. Injection and suction. Best - safest - most convenient. It cleanses instantly.

Ask your druggist for it. If he cannot supply the MARVEL, accept no other, but send stamp for illustrated book __?__. It gives full particulars and directions invaluable to ladies.
Um, OK, so where to begin...
1. Injection and suction? What the fuck? Is this secretly a home abortion kit made to look like a douche?
2. "Ask your druggist for it. If HE cannot supply..." Naturally, the druggist is a man.
3. The illustrated book is "invaluable to ladies" eh? Hmm, I want to see these illustrations!
4. Whirling spray in MY vagina? Oh, Hell no!

Thanks to Vintage Ads for posting this little beauty!

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