Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Polish Rapists Face Chemical Castration

I came across this article about Polish sex offenders via CBC this morning during my daily news check.

Turns out the article (which came up in my recommended reads) is from a while back, so I decided to hunt down a more recent update and found the following at NY Daily News:

Poland will use chemical castration on convicted child rapists once they finish prison sentence

Tuesday, June 8th 2010

Poland now has a harsh punishment on the books for perverts convicted of raping children or committing incest - chemical castration.

And that's after the sex fiend serves a prison sentence!

The new law, which went into effect Tuesday, states that anyone convicted of rape of a minor under 15, or a close family member, "can be obliged by a court ruling to undergo pharmaceutical and psychological therapy in order to reduce sex drive."

The Poles also increased prison terms for incest or the rape of a minor to three to 15 years from the current two to 12 years.

Also, the new law imposes prison terms of up to three years for anyone convicted of attempting to seduce a minor under 15 over the Internet.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk proposed putting chemical castration on the books in 2008 after the country was shocked by revelations that a 45-year-old man had held his 21-year-old daughter captive for six years and fathered her two children.

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