Monday, July 26, 2010

Top 7 reasons why American Apparel sucks

1. Internal documents reveal that ugly people shouldn’t bother applying at AA.

2. The company's Guide to Grooming describes in detail how staff should look. No bangs! No gauge earrings! No liquid foundation! No goatees or mustaches! No Uggs, flip flogs, gladiator sandals, vans, converse or winter boots! (Oh, no, we’re not a dictatorship. Whatever would make you think that?)

3. AA won’t make some of their women’s clothing above a size 6.

4. They doesn’t want any of those “trashy Black girls” to work there. Only the ones with the nice hair.

5. Current employees must submit photos to be promoted or receive a raise. Cos, you know, we don't want any uglies being promoted.

6. AA has a Best Bottom Contest to find the sexiest ass. Well, I don’t know about the sexiest ass, but I know who the biggest ass is… Don Charney (CEO of American Apparel).

7. They pretend that they're really progressive cos they don't photoshop their ads and they use "real women" to model their clothes. I guess "real women" only come in a size 4 or smaller and look about 16. And guess what? Sleazy porno-style ads aren't progressive and edgy. It's the same old shit that Calvin Klein has been doing since the 80's. Just admit that your ads are as sleazy as every other shitty clothing company and stop trying to pretend that you're so original and cutting edge.

Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel... apparently AA is in pretty serious financial trouble.


  1. Actually, American Apparel has a wider variety of races and sizes than any other fashion company or fashion magazine around today. Also, there were many follow-up interviews that show that no one has been hired or fired based on physical appearance, and at most, the company has a dress code for their stores not unlike most other retailers.

  2. So you're sad because they're a company that wants to be attractive to their target market instead of doin what YOU want them to?
    Do you do anything but whine about stupid crap? This is the worst blog I've ever seen.

    1. Everyone is entitled to an opnion so quit trolling you low grade hipster....

    2. Sounds like you should follow your own advice. And *bravo* on finding a post from three years ago and bashing the person, you ignorant cunt. Let's see if you have the balls to reply to me, you little bitch.

    3. wow RJ Moore II! Real classy. Obviously you are in need some education. American Apparel is overtly sexual and is not edgy at all. It is merely using their models to their advantage. The young ladies that they use are not aware of their intentions.

      I find their ads disgraceful to women.

  3. I shopped there for the first time. Never, ever, ever going back. The staff can't make any decisions unilaterally, and can only refer you to some douchebag sitting in London who himself refers to "company policy". These people don't care about PEOPLE - they only care about their own deceitful and deliberately deceptive practices to make sure your customer service experience is the worst.

    I have wasted time and money arguing with those assholes. If it comes down to one store using sweatshops, and another one not (like American Doucheparel), I will only go with the one that has some semblance of a customer satisfaction policy.

    I can only agree 100% wholeheartedly with the author of this post. American Apparel SUCKS.

  4. F**k American Apparel.

    They otta be renamed Undocumented Apparel due to the fact that Dov Charney has a thing for Illegal/Undocumented low life thugs. He's a wetback loving Jew.

  5. They hire a 62 years old women a ugly one no joke !

  6. On june 9, 2015, i was told by American apparel customer service that their system have problem taking Gift-Card, after I already checked out my card/processed my order online with ecode, and the order didn't process, BUT the system took the amount of $113 from my gift card. And the thing is I've been calling to American Apparel customer service these 4 days, the replies I got were that the amount will be refund when the problem is solved ... So I ask because when I purchase my order, it was still 30% the answer I got were 1) you will receive the new code with the refund amount 2) you just have to wait there is nothing we can do, and no there will be no code (3 other answers in a very rude way). I have no problem with waiting, but the way I was treated, was just awful maybe because I used giftcard to buy perhaps. I have always been Their big fan, but this experience tells me to reconsidering buying from American Apparel. And until now they havent take any actions on the ecode problem. Very disappointed