Friday, August 13, 2010

Eat, Pray, Gain 11 Pounds

I was reading an article about Julia Roberts' new film, Eat Pray Love, and a few sentences really irked me. Here's what I read, and why it pissed me off:

"... the famously slender Roberts admits she piled on the pounds during shooting for the Italian segment of the story... [Roberts revealed] she gained 11 pounds during the Italian filming."

First of all, when is 11 pounds considered "piling on the pounds"? Second, why is Julia Roberts gaining 11 pounds news-worthy? Third, the article was titled "A Weighty Role for Julia Roberts." Seriously? It's not like she gained 50 pounds here, people. Are you really that desperate for a story?

It's just another example of how women's bodies are publicly scrutinized and their weight gain/loss is constantly discussed. The choice of words "piled on the pounds" says a lot about the way we view women's weight gain. If a male actor gained a measly 11 pounds during filming, would it get a mention? Of course not, because it's so ridiculously insignificant. So why does it matter when it's Julia Roberts?

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