Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art of Social Conscience

Norm Magnusson's public art, The I-75 Project, is an "art of social conscience." The artist uses signs that look like state-sponsored historical information signs, located at rest stops along the Interstate-75, to display messages about everything from the male-female pay discrepancy to homophobia to healthcare. Norm describes his signs/messages as "gently assertive and non-confrontational, firmly thought provoking... and just a little bit subversive."

Interstate-75 starts in Michigan (on the Canadian border), and then travels south down to Florida. After leaving Michigan, the highway doesn't touch another Democratic (Blue) state - it's Republican territory all the way down. These left-wing messages are likely to ruffle some feathers in the States! What a cool art project, and a great way to challenge people's ideas on some very sensitive topics.

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