Friday, September 10, 2010

Even skinny girls aren't skinny enough

Actress Carey Mulligan is a tiny lady - as seen in this photo - but apparently not tiny enough for Vogue's high-fashion clothing. According to Mulligan, posing for the cover of Vogue’s October Issue was not as glamorous as it looks.

“All of the clothes that had come in from Paris were sample sizes,” she said. “The cover dress was very pretty but wouldn’t go over my ass. Sample size is very, very tiny. I’m actually wearing a towel around my waist and the bottom is clipped up because I couldn’t fit.”

Great, so now when we see clothing modeled in magazines, we have to account for the fact that (a) the model has probably been Photoshopped from a size 2 down to a negative number, and the model may not actually be wearing the clothes in the first place!

Once you know that the clothing was actually too small for her, it becomes easy to see how ridiculous that dress actually looks on her. Look at the area around her arm pit - it looks stiff and rigid, like the fabric's been pulled too tight across the back.

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