Monday, September 13, 2010

Tonight's Show: A Feminist Tribute to the 1980's

If you love the 80's, you're gonna love this one. We're doing a feminist tribute to the 80's - we'll discuss events, laws and issues that came into play during the 1980's and have affected Canadian women ever since!

Topics of discussion:

1982 - The Canadian Constitution is established and equality of the sexes included in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

1986 - The Federal Government passes the Employment Equity Act.

1986 - The Supreme Court of Canada decides that the non-therapeutic sterilization of mentally deficient adults may not be authorized by the courts.

1987 - Systemic discrimination in the hiring of women is found to be unlawful.

1988 - Abortion laws change making it possible for Canadian women to have abortions without approval from a committee.

1989 - Supreme Court of Canada decides that sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination.

1989 - Fourteen women are murdered at The École Polytechnique in Montreal by a man who claimed to be fighting feminism.

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