Saturday, November 20, 2010

London gallery displays tribute to Mexico's missing and murdered women

Since 1993, hundreds of women in the in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez have been declared murdered or missing. No one knows exactly how many women have been affected. Local rights groups estimate that 300 women have been killed this year alone; official figures are significantly lower. And no one is able to give an accurate estimate for the number of women missing.

Most of the murdered young women were poor local factory workers and students, and many of the killings were truly horrific, involving sexual violence and rape.

When the murders first began they captured the world's attention for a while; dozens of journalists investigated, and numerous books and songs were written. But to date, most cases remained unresolved, and it is still a mystery why women are being targeted in this way.

Two hundred artists from around the world are involved in the 400 Women exhibition, which is is showing at Shoreditch Town Hall in London, England until November 28.

Here are three examples of the portraits:

Rosa Maria Rivers was raped and strangled in July 1999. She was 36 years old.
Artist: Anita Klein

Elizabeth Rodriguez Perez has been missing since November 1999.
Artist: Jane Archer

Melissa Gonzalez Luna was 16 when she disappeared more than three years ago.
Artist: Andres Basurto

To read more about this exhibit and see more portraits, click here.

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