Saturday, November 13, 2010

What the new feminists look like

The November 2010 issue of MORE features the article, What the New Feminists Look Like.

The list includes feminist bloggers and journalists, birth control activists, founders of women's rights and anti-racist organizations and more.

Check out the full article - definitetly a great read! - but here are a few of my favourite quotes from some of the feminists that were featured:

“Ever since the ’60s and ’70s, abortion has been used as a litmus test by Establishment feminists. I don’t see that as the galvanizing issue for feminists of my generation, whether liberal or conservative. If you look worldwide, a lot of women still lack very fundamental rights. That’s where I think the focus of feminism should be.”
-Allison Kasiac, blogger

“There can be no feminist revolution without an end to racism. While I believe in advocating for reproductive rights and equal pay, these are not the overreaching concerns of women in the U.S. Yet they overshadow the social and historical problems for women of color: poverty, homelessness, inadequate health care.”
-Morgane Richardson, founder of Refuse the Silence: Women of Color Students Speak Out

“You want to talk about birth control, I can talk about birth control. If you’re going through menopause, I can help you with that. If you are pregnant, we’ll go through that. If you want to terminate your pregnancy, I can help you there, too. I completely object to ob/gyns who say, ‘I can do these things for you, but if you want an abortion, you have to go somewhere else.’ I think that is poor patient care.”
-Megan Evans, president of Medical Students for Choice

“A lot of the folks in the birthing community are actively antichoice. For me, being a doula is about supporting people during any phase of their reproductive life, [including] when you’re having a miscarriage or giving up your child for adoption or terminating a pregnancy. The birthing community can also be pretty alienating for people who aren’t straight. I want to talk about being a doula and about being pro-choice, queer and Latina."
-Miriam Perez, founder of Radical Doula

“What’s embarrassing but true is that although I was doing all these feminist things, I didn’t really embrace the label until I encountered the work of Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards—two hot, fun young feminists in fishnets. To me it signaled that there is a new age of feminism. I can be a feminist, but I don’t have to be a feminist like my mom is. It may be a pretty aesthetic and shallow reason. But sometimes we get so damn serious about this stuff, and if we want girls to be feminists, we have to give them an aesthetic they can relate to.”
- Courtney E. Martin, journalist and blogger

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