Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Urban Curvz theatre explores the drama of a lesbian wedding

It’s a girl’s dream: a wedding day with all her friends there to support her. But when her friends are rapidly falling in and out of love with one another, and her wife-to-be is too busy keeping the peace to pay her any attention, the bride is ready to explode. The play is described as "a mix of physical theatre and high-stakes pillow fight."

Urban Curvz is an award-winning theatre company based in Calgary. Their work "reflects the wit and intelligence of the women in this city" and celebrates the female experience as a source of autonomous art.

Love(her)/Fight(her) at Lunchbox Theatre
February 17–25, 2011
Evening shows are at 8 pm, except Fridays which are at 9 pm.
No shows Monday or Saturday
Additional Sunday matinee at 2 pm.
For ticket purchase and information call 403.265.4292 or visit UrbanCurvz.com

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