Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A new SlutWalk Calgary is being planned

Attention Calgary sluts and slut allies - a new SlutWalk Calgary has risen from the ashes of the former! Their mission is to provide an open, safe and inclusive forum for peaceful protest against victim blaming and sex shaming, to debunk rape myths, and to raise awareness about the pervasive nature of rape culture in our community.

Event organizers are committed to inclusive planning and implementation, and invite anyone interested to participate and volunteer. You can get involved by emailing

Their Facebook group says organizers acknowledge they are dealing with an explicitly feminist and political issue and will not seek to reclaim the word slut, leaving it to individuals to decide what labels they feel comfortable in adopting.

The exact date of the march has not been decided yet. Follow SlutWalk Calgary on Facebook to stay updated.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a fan of feminism, or man'ism', or sexism, or any 'ism' that divides people or causes pain among others. However, i'm also not a fan of any sort of violence against women or children, or perhaps it would be better said as '...against people who cannot defend themselves'.

    I respect the fact that this police officer has since apologized for his lack of intelligent thought, but that same mentality is far too prevalent in our society. I was disappointed to hear that the original plan for this walk was canceled, but I'm elated to read this article seeing that the effort has been reborn. My hat is off to all of you pushing this forward. I hope you succeed and look forward to participating and/or contributing somehow.

    Keep the issue and effort sincere, focusing on bringing people together and raising awareness and the walk will be a resounding success.