Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Man With Some Repulsive Opinions About Why He Can't Get Laid. Comedy? Not Quite.

He says women go to clubs wearing “ to nothing because they want attention from men”. While he is entitled to making shallow assumptions about the reasons why women dress the way in which they please or why they go out to clubs, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that his opinions are lacking in taste, that they are aggressive and completely fucking ignorant.

For those of you familiar with Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth, you’ll likely recognize that this foolish perception of the way women are expected to dress --and what must, apparently, be determined of us based on the way we dress-- is a clear and precise example of some of the dilemmas examined in the book. Toju (as he is called) expresses that, while he claims to love women, the attitude women tend to dish out produces a number of challenges for him as he attempts to collect phone numbers, grind against strangers without invitation, and do whatever else it is he thinks gives women the attention we’re looking for when out at a bar or at a club. This challenge somehow manages to turn him on.
Just me? Or are we standing firmly on the territory of blatant harassment? Yes, I think freaking so.

If anyone out there is even slightly offended after watching this young man run a muck , I suggest you do whatever is in your power to publicly decry this sort of abusiveness. I’ m shocked that his opinions are even slightly welcome by modern collective journalism websites like the one where this video can be viewed.

Toju, you do NOT love women. You clearly hate them. No, I'll re-phrase: you hate the ones that aren't afraid to look how they want, say what they don't want, and give you the burning slap in the face you're so desperately awaiting with your tongue hanging out like a diseased and starving animal, as you’ve shown us.

The video can be seen here

Maybe you'd like to say something to him? If so, I suggest you send him your message.

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