Monday, January 5, 2009

Sexist Advertising from Way Back When

Tonight on Yeah, What She Said we will be looking at some good ol' sexist advertisements from way back when. Tune in from 8:30 to 9:00 pm (MST) - you can even stream it online from the CJSW website.

I'm posting a few of the examples here that I'm going to be discussing. Here they are:

Back in the day, douches were pretty common. Women falsely believed that they had to cleanse out their vagina in order to keep it fresh and hygienic. Check out these ridiculous ads for products that were meant to cleanse your "delicately feminine area."

The Lysol Douche
"Pristeen" - Vaginal Spray
Demure Liquid Douche

Also, check out these other two ads. The one for Heinz soup makes reference to wife-beating in a really bizarre way, and the ad for Sardo Bath Oil informs ladies that the best thing we can do for our husbands is to take care of our skin. Thanks for the tip, jackass.

Heinz Soup
Sardo Bath Oil

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