Thursday, February 26, 2009

When You've Really Gotta Go...

Okay, I'd like to hear some reactions to this. It's called the GoGirl; a female urination device that's supposed to be ideal for women, err, on the go...

Peeing in public, for the most part, sucks whether or not there are toilets involved, but do we really need this? I can't decide. Is it a great idea? I can't lie and say that my memory of the last time I squatted among prickly highway-side brush is a pleasant one, but I don't think I'm convinced that this thing is necessary either.

It's basically a funnel (in case you were wondering) and, apparently, several different versions of these devices have surfaced throughout the ages. The tag lines for many of these "FUD's" is that they are the germ free solution to public peeing: essentially, no filthy gas bar toilet seats, no mess, no prickly road-side brush. This one is marketed as particularly economical as it can be reused where others have been designed for disposal after single use. It could be the ultimate sanitary savior but I just think that if the majority of us have made it this far without an FUD, why start spending well-earned cash on another old hunk of silicone that's supposed to make our lives easier?

You know us damsels, always in distress and wondering who will be the next to save us from peeing like girls...

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't want to carry that around with me - I already have enough crap in my purse.
    And another thing - yeah, gas bar toilets may be gross, but I doubt anyone ever died from peeing in one. Germ-a-phobes annoy me even more than Female Urination Devices!