Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 Year Old Graffiti Girl in London

Don't you love it when young girls defy gender stereotypes and do amazing and awesome things? I just discovered a 10-year old girl in London, England whose colourful and kick-ass graffiti is gaining some serious respect.

The girl's name is Solveig and she frequently incorporates the first three letters of her name into her designs. All her works are signed and indicate her age at time of completion.

Apart from her talent for painting, Solveig is like any other schoolgirl and lists her interests as playing with Barbies and collecting Doctor Who cards. She has even tattooed someone (see links below for pics!)

Check out her story in the UK's Telegraph (including a photo gallery with 12 pieces of her work).
You can also see Solveig's Flickr Page to view more of her work.


  1. So awesome! And I thought I was young when the magic of making art for the streets caught my attention. What a heroine!

  2. I know, she is the coolest kid in the world!