Monday, May 11, 2009

Tonight's Show: Condi Takes on Calgary

Sorry for the late post everyone! This evening, Geea and I had a chat with Joanne Costello, a local activist, feminist and grad student who has started a petition asking the University of Calgary to rescind its invitation to former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. The U of C's new school of public policy will be opening shortly and to celebrate this event, the school has invited Dr. Rice to speak at the opening gala. The Bush Administration was a tumultuous one as several of you know and as the Secretary of State, it is said that Condoleezza Rice played a large role in much of the instigation of what is called an illegal war by many.

For this reason, Joanne is collecting signatures in protest of Dr. Rice's visit since having her speak at the event would in some ways condone her involvement in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. In support of the efforts made by Joanne and fellow anti-war citizens, you can sign the petition and/or attend a protest that will take place on the 13th of May outside of the Hyatt Regency Calgary where the gala will take place.

If you missed tonight's program you can listen to it by clicking the link to the right of this post.

Disclaimer: Please excuse the brief technical difficulties! We had some issues getting Joanne on the air but we sorted it out and the discussion was very engaging.

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