Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Throw your very own B-Word/ Bitch Party!

Now, how much fun would it be to gather a handful of your coolest feminist friends together for drinks, snacks and a good cause? A crapload of fun, that's how much!

Bitch Magazine is asking all lovers of alternative women's media to support B-Word Worldwide, the non-profit organization that publishes Bitch magazine (one of our favourites) by throwing your own house party fundraiser.

We at Yeah, What She Said are pretty passionate about having the ability to voice our fiesty opinions. Publications such as Bitch magazine have played a huge role in allowing the women of our fine generation to do this, so we thought it would be nice to spread the love and encourage you to get involved. The goal is to generate a minimum of $1000.00 at each party. There's an in-depth House Party Planning Kit available to print or download if you would like some guidelines on how to make it all happen. Of course, the nature of your house party can take on a number of forms depending on your
preference (a chilled out sit-down dinner, perhaps? Or a cool mixer with tons of drinks and rad tunes!) There are few things better than socializing for a good cause and B-Word Worldwide is giving each of us the perfect excuse to do just that.
Grab the planning kit here and visit this link for further contact and donation details.

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