Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Daddy Boom" in Germany

Fathers Day is coming up very shortly and in honor of all the fantastic Dads out there, I thought I'd post this short video documentary I discovered over at Current last year. It's about the apparent Daddy Boom in Germany where more men than ever before are taking on the stay-at-home parent role while women become the primary breadwinners in what are otherwise traditional families. In the video (posted below), two men are asked to talk about their experiences as stay-at-home dads and how this phenomenon of at-home daddies will shape the future of Germans.

I think the Daddy Boom in Germany says a lot about culture and all of its variables; many of us are used to women almost automatically being assigned the role of primary caregivers. Seeing men in this role is always a nice reminder to all of us - whether we're already comfortable with the idea or not - that men are capable of taking on this role and are likely to do it well with the right kind of social support.

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