Monday, July 27, 2009

Tonight: Local Events and Lovely Tunes

Tune in tonight to hear about up-and-coming local events that should be of interest to Calgary's feminist community. We'll also play a few tunes to delight your feminist ears.

Here are femme-friendly events that shouldn't be missed:

Afrikadey! - Celebrate African women's voices - Sat Aug 8, Princes Island Park

Femme Fatal Carnival
- An erotic evening of dancing and entertainment: striptease shows, magicians, dirty balloon animals (!!!) and so much more. Friday August 14. Tickets are $20, get 'em at Blame Betty on 17th ave. Proceeds go towards helping young girls get off the

Calgary Fringe Festival - Uncensored and artistic theatre. July 31 to August 8. Click here to see Yeah What She Said's picks for the best feminist-themed plays!

Hit up Kijiji to see some local women's events, including women's retreats, gender awareness workshops and an intimacy workshop. Cool!

The Power of Women - See some of the world's most influential women, including Barbara Walters and Erin Brockovich. Live in Calgary on September 18.

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