Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Britain May Ban Photoshopping in Ads

Here's some exciting news from across the pond: The Liberal Democratic party in Britain are calling for a complete ban on Photoshopping in ads aimed at those under 16, and want all other ads to carry a disclaimer describing how the image has been photoshopped. They also recommend "media literacy" lessons to teach kids about advertising techniques.

This comes after an Olay "eye illuminator" advertising campaign was launched featuring 59-year-old Twiggy, one of Britain's most famous models. With only a few lines around her eyes and mouth, this is a completely unrealistic image of a woman who's almost 60. Twiggy herself has even publicly stated that she is against botox and plastic surgery, and embraces aging naturally. It makes you wonder what she thinks about all this photoshopping that's been done to her face, but I suspect that the models/subjects of these advertisements have little say in the procedure.

Jezebel has more on this fascinating topic.

Twiggy in the Olay advertising campaign that has sparked much debate.

A recent image of Twiggy that has not been photoshopped.

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  1. ... and I still wonder how much surgery she has had. Consider what a "normal" 60 year old woman might look like who has not had a life of privilege and then the Olay ad is even more repugnant. Puke.