Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some of the Most Offensive Jokes I've Seen

A few weeks ago I received an email full of "jokes" from a female pal. I was appalled when I began looking through these so-called jokes, and found many of them to be overtly sexist and offensive. I was shocked that a female friend would send this to me. Regardless of the fact that she knows I'm a feminist, how could ANY woman not be offended by these jokes? When people make fun of serious issues like domestic violence, rape and kidnapping, it makes the issue seem less serious than it is, and can also result in victim-blaming and people not believing a woman when she tells someone she has been raped, abused, etc.

"Domestic Violence - Because sometimes you have to tell her more than once."

Well, isn't this a charming little "joke"? The fact that someone would even joke about this topic deeply upsets me. The message here is essentially this: If a woman doesn't do/say/act as a man wants her to, he has the right to beat her until she does. Yeah, real funny.

"Every male teacher that day contemplated the consequences."

Oh, of course! Men are such horny, dirty dogs that they can't keep their dick in their pants, especially not around hot 16 year old school girls [sarcasm intended]. If I were a man, I'd be offended. And another thing... what a woman or girl wears is not an indication of her sexual availability.

"Woman's Sports - A lot more interesting when hot Brazilian chicks play."
(PS - nice typo, assholes. It's "women's" not "woman's")

This is actually a serious issue in women's sports. The less they wear and more beautiful they are, the more media coverage they receive. Athletic women must appear both feminine and beautiful to be noticed at all, and anyone who doesn't is labeled a dyke. A female athlete's physical abilities are rarely applauded, she is usually only well-known and celebrated if she is also beautiful.

Just kidding, there's no candy.

Because luring and kidnapping young girls is so hilarious.
The violent undertone in this "joke" is deeply disturbing.


  1. Wow.. You're taking things waaay too seriously.

  2. You are what's wrong with society. If people wouldn't take everything ánd themselves so damn seriously, there would be a lot less problems in this world.

    If any of those pictures would be replaced with the actual crimes you speak of, no one would want to see them of think them as funny.

  3. You're absolutely right!! They are realy horrible!! The people who have made these things should go straight to hell!!!!

    But how about these ones?? These are funny aren't they?? :D

    1. no, they're hilarious.

  4. "If I were a man, I'd be offended."

    If you were a man I'd have to ask you to stop being such a whiny cunt, but you're a woman so I guess it's expected behaviour.

  5. Those are FUNNY!!!
    Gahh your taking it WAY too seriously...
    Go get laid....Damn...
    Funny shit hahaha

  6. P.S. whatever a bitch wears shows her sexual availability. Your wear short short skirts, you get attention. Plain and simple.
    Don't want negative attention, Don't wear SLUTTY CLOTHES!!!!

  7. as much as i like slutty clothes she is bit right

    also yah takn way to seriously specially the one who wants them to go to hell

    to help
    step 1. get sense of humor
    step 2. accept that you have no life
    step 3. laugh then get a life