Saturday, January 30, 2010

Suburban Teen Sold as Sex Slave

Last week I watched a disturbing documentary on MSNBC about sex trafficking in America. Sixteen year old Shauna was your average suburban teenager when she was kidnapped by a friend’s father and sold on the internet as a sex slave for $300,000. For three days she was drugged, tortured and raped continuously. When her mother received a frantic phone call from Shauna saying “Help me, Mom!” she went to the police immediately. The police told her not to worry and that Shauna “probably just ran away.”

Luckily, Shauna was found and rescued (by community volunteers – not the police) before her captors had the chance to escape with her across the state border. To this day no one has been arrested with the kidnapping, rape and torture of Shauna. Her mother says this is because the police never believed her story.

The video below is a shortened version of the documentary.

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