Monday, January 25, 2010


URBAN CURVZ’ annual showcase of local ladies, CURVILICIOUS is one fundraiser not to be missed! Each year Urban Curvz features a variety of Calgary’s most incredible female artists doing… whatever they feel inspired to do! Many take the opportunity to share self-created work, or to highlight a skill they might not be so famous for… and all donate their time. The Pumphouse Theatre joins in the generosity by donating the 300-seat Victor Mitchell Theatre and 100% of the proceeds get to directly support our programming!

Starring Valerie Ann Pearson, Elinor Hold, Patricia Benedict, Kathyrn Kerbes, Tammy Roberts, Jane MacFarlane, Ava Jane Markus, Julie Mortenson, Adrienne Smook, Esther Purves-Smith, and Nicola Elson.

Urban Curvz can always be counted on to put on amazing events and presentations, so this one is sure to be yet another amazing night. The event is set to take place on Monday March 15t, 2010. Please visit the Urban Curvz site for further details.

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