Monday, April 18, 2011

Tonight: Activism & Feminism in Spoken Word Poetry

Spoken word poetry has become, and is traditionally based on, activism. It's a tool utilized mostly by younger generations to express their opinions and tell their own stories. Spoken word is the poetry of people who have been repressed in some way; it has been an important aspect of the feminist, anti-war and anti-discrimination movements (among many others).

Tonight we'll feature works and stories from some amazing men and women of Spoken Word. Below are some links and videos to works and interviews from some of the artists that we'll be discussing on the show tonight:

Sonya Renee - What Women Deserve

Alix Olson - Cunt Cuntry

Lauren Zuniga - Girl:Exploded

Sunni Patterson - We Made It

AlJazeera's One on One : Suheir Hammad

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