Sunday, May 8, 2011

Next show: stereotypes about "angry" feminists

Everybody knows the stereotype of the angry, ranting, man-hating, hairy feminist. But if you actually are a feminist, or know anything about feminists, you're aware that the actual percentage of "angry feminists" is extremely low. All feminists are lumped into this category, which is kinda like assuming all Muslims hate America, all Mormons are polygamists or any other wide-sweeping, ridiculously inaccurate generalization.

When a feminist is accused of being angry, it becomes easy for the accuser to dismiss her idea as an overreaction because she's "too emotional." "too sensitive"  or "irrational." (Men's anger, of course, is always rational).  Either that or we're accused of PMSing. Anyway, the angry feminist myth remains an extremely prevalent stereotype, so we're setting out to debunk it on our show!

Here are some references to articles and music we'll be discussing on the show:
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